Wates Residential Introduction to School Based Projects (Harrow Council Partners)

Dear Colleague,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself, Denise Southard, as the Community Investment Advisor for Wates Residential in Harrow with André Peters Community Investment Manager.

Wates Residential is to carry out a 10-year project that seeks to deliver over 1,500 new homes across three sites in the borough starting this year. This £690 million regeneration programme will deliver quality affordable homes, a new civic centre, commercial space as well as green public spaces for the residents of Harrow to enjoy

As part of the partnership with Harrow, we are committed to supporting the local community by providing apprenticeships, new jobs, spending in the local community and early careers support.

Wates would really like to forge relationships with your school or college in order to ensure that the local community can take full advantage of all the opportunities that we have on offer.

Here is a snapshot of what some or our social value commitments consists of –

. Work Experience: Providing over 200 WEX placements with the opportunity to take part in objective based work experience. Enabling the individual to gain a meaningful insight into the construction sector.

. Apprentices: Over 20 new higher level apprentices aged 16+ to be created by Wates and over 200 level 2 and 3 new apprentices aged 18+ to be created by our supply chain

. Construct a Career: This is a 2-week training programme aimed at 19+ unemployed. We will run one programme per year over 10 years

. Traineeships: We will put in place a Construction based 12 person 7-week traineeship for all those unemployed residents with multiple needs, interested in the industry. We will run this programme every year over 10 years

. Bridging the Gap: Working collaboratively with LBH and in partnership with HMPS New Future Network and One Way to deliver a programme for Harrow Ex-offenders. 1 Person per site each year for the development duration, providing serving offenders with work opportunities prior to their release.

We would also be happy to deliver programmes to KS2 students (Primary Schools):
. Career insight days
. Fun workshops like a Minecraft session with block builders
. Talks at school assemblies
. Design challenges

Secondary school students will benefit from our:

. Think Build Programme,
. Work Experience
. Site Visits,
. Time capsule events
. School Gardening Campaign

We are aware that there could be restrictions due to Covid in regard to running sessions, but we would be happy to work with you to find a way to deliver sessions if this was of interest. A few samples of our work is attached.

We would be happy to talk about the many opportunities on offer here at no cost to schools. If you could please send a few convenient dates and times to discuss this further I would very much like to do so.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please respond to Denise Southard Denise.Southard@wates.co.uk